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The Incomplete Celtic Guitar Volume II
By Dan Mozell

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  • Dan has created another great collection of tunes from Ireland, Scotland and Cape Breton
  • Standard notation and flatpicking guitar tablature
  • Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Strathspeys and Airs
  • Great for players at all levels
  • Illustrated by Bobbie Wayne
  • Also check out The Incomplete Celtic Guitar Volume I
  • The Tunes

The Tunes

The Atholl Highlanders
Auld Luckie
The Ballydesmond Polkas
The Banks of Glenoe
The Banks Of Spey
The Bedding Of The Bride
Belladrum House
The Berkshire Heights
Blind Mary
Blue Bonnets Over The Border
The Boys In The Gap
Braes Of Mar
Cairngorm Brooch
Cairngorm Brooch: Version II
Cape Breton Wedding Reel #1
Cape Breton Wedding Reel #1: Vs. II
Cape Breton Wedding Reel #2
Cape Breton Wedding Reel #3
The Chanter's Tune
Cherish The Ladies
Christmas Day Ida Morning
Christmas Eve
The Congress Reel
The Copper Plate
The Coulin
Dawted Mary
Donegal Mazurkas
Dunkeld House
Dwyer's Hornpipe
The East Neuk o' Fife
The Farewell
Farrell O'Gara
The Flax In Bloom
The Fort At Kincora
Foxhunter's Jig
The Frieze Breeches
The Frost Is All Over
The Gobby O
Humors Of Ballymanus
The Humours of Tulla
The Hunt
The Hunt: Version II
The Inverness Gathering
The Irish Washerwoman
Jenny Dang The Weaver
John McNeil's Reel

Johnny Cope
Knocknagree Slide
Knocknagree Slide: Version II
The Knotted Cord
Lady Jane Nevill's Reel
Lady John Scott
Lord Inchiquin
Mason's Apron
The Mathematician
McDermott's Hornpipe
McGoldrick's Reel
Morrison's Jig
The Mountain Road
Mug Of Brown Ale
Mug Of Brown Ale: Version II
My Darling Has Deceived Me
Neil Gow's Lament For The Death
Of His Second Wife
New Year's Night
The Nuptial Knot
The Oak Tree
The Pure Drop
Rattling, Roaring Willie
Rip The Calico
Shandon Bells
The Silver Spear
Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk's
Sleepy Maggie
The Sligo Maid
The Star of Munster
Stirling Castle
The Stool Of Repentance
The Tailor's Twist
The Tailor's Twist: Version II
The Tarbolton Reel
Three Friends (by Dan Mozell)
The Top Of Ben Lomand
Weindia Little
West Mabou Reel
While Maureen is Far Away
While Maureen is Far Away: Vers. II
Woman of the House
Woodcock Hill

Ordering The Incomplete Celtic Guitar Volume II.

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